Smart Eco GReen walls

Smart. Flexible. Value for Money.

Capacloud’s smart vertical garden product is a truly flexible, modular system that helps transform any built environment. Our proprietary IOT assisted hydroponic system brings a new level of sustainability through intelligent water management and intelligent system control. Our trusted, IOT-based system is extremely flexible to suit any size or shape installation. It is in use in a huge variety of contexts, including corporate offices, real estate projects, business parks, hotels, retail outlets, restaurants and private gardens, as well as office buildings in India. Our living walls have been tested and proven in extremes of location and climate. 

Smart Living walls

Any Vertical Surface

Capacloud smart  .Living walls, or bio  green walls, are self-sufficient vertical gardens that are attached to a free-standing frame or to the exterior or interior of any construction which would be dream of any landscaping companies or companies working wth LANDSCAPING ROCKS. They differ from green façades (e.g. ivy walls) in that the plants root into a structural support, which is fastened to the wall itself. The plants receive water and nutrients from within the vertical module instead of from the ground.                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Zero Maintenance


The smart Capacloud Living Wall is a unique patent-awaited IOT (Internet of Things) based system that assures the user negligible maintenance costs that others simply cannot achieve. Plants are contained within discrete panels that contain an inert growing medium made of organic fibers.  The plants take root and anchor into the growing medium and each row of panels is irrigated and fertigated via precise and automatic internet of things (IOT) technology.                                                                             

Hassle Free Sustainability

The IOT-based bio wall systems that Capacloud uses offer advantages such as low operation and maintenance costs compared to other vertical garden systems, easy to replace plant saplings with remote monitoring and control through cloud based smart landscaping technology. Our system offers the customers value for their money as total cost of ownership for our product over the entire product lifecycle is substantially lower than other products available in market.