Smart Irrigation

Smart Garden Irrigation/Fertigation

In naturally sustainable (horizontal) landscapes as well as our proprietary vertical garden system, internet of things technology connected with sensors can convey exact plant requirements of water and minerals to our irrigation and fertigation systems - making the entire control process on demand, thus reducing manual labor, water consumption and electricity consumption drastically. This results into huge savings in terms of dollar value to our clients and end users. Our sensors are capable of collecting various data such as moisture content of plant root zone, fertilizer content in plant growing medium, light intensity and ambient temperatures to provide an overall direction and feeling of plant health. 


 Our sensors connected to electronic system deliver seamless data points to remote server location in encrypted format. This is a safe and secure way to get information about the well being of plants in any landscape. Our company is a global pioneer in commercializing this technology. We can show our clients 24x7 all the physical and associated features of their landscapes / plantations live without any manual intervention. Also our system sends notification alerts in case of any hardware or server malfunctioning, thus enabling our after-sales team to take preventive maintenance long before the plant is actually sick. This drastically reduces the plant mortality rate, thus lowering customer's operation and maintenance cost of replacing plants too often in any vertical garden.