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We offer vertical gardening services for residential spaces, Large Office buildings, Luxury Hotels, Hospitals, Supermarkets, Luxury homes, Educational Institutes, Public Spaces.

For Residential Spaces

Our household product range, Capacloud Homes, is small in scale and easy to install in homes. It efficiently utilizes the limited energy and space available in homes. It provides a refreshing indoor atmosphere and healthier air quality, and also reduces noise pollution caused by traffic and other neighborhood sources.

For Business Spaces

Our commercial product, Capacloud Outdoors, is larger in scale as compared to the household application. It ensures pleasing aesthetics and pollution reduction at zero maintenance cost. 

For Public Spaces

Public spaces are constrained by maintenance budget and manpower allocation. Our Vertical garden are best fit for such spaces as these do not require any  maintenance & manual supervision and can be easily monitored online.

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Key Benefits

Modular system


 Comprises of Best in class quality components which are adaptable at any site to ensure quick and effortless installation 

Design flexibility


Unique modules can be used on  curved or plain surface. 

Automated system


Our IoT technology makes the vertical gardens self -reliant and eliminates manual supervision and maintenance. 

Improved sustainability


Increased energy efficiency – efficient use of water growth medium  and nutrition granules ensures longevity  

Better acoustics


Blocks the outside disturbances and traffic noise. Plants absorb some sound and help with diffraction, improving the acoustics in any space.  

Good Aesthetics


It lowers the urban island heat effect.Maintains a sense of tranquility and freshness in the atmosphere. 

Natural Air purifier


 good indoor air  

Made from eco-friendly material


The grow bags used in the system are made up of jute fibres which are eco-friendly in nature  

Suitable for indoor and outdoor application


Light, water and seasonality of plants are considered while selection for indoor and outdoor plants from our Extensive Plant Library 

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