Indoor Vertical Garden

The latest addition to Capcloud's product line is that the simplest system for indoor green walls. Capacloud introduces itʼs new module for indoor vertical garden with special LED Grow assisted lighting system.  

This product consists of Module, Joinery, Plants & proprietary Hydroponic Medium. Module is created of Geo Synthetic fabric & has it nice strength and life. Plants of many varieties will be grown during this like, ground covers, tiny shrubs, ornamental plants, herbs & others.  This product is ideal for indoor walls that receive regular diffused sunlight. 

Outdoor Vertical Garden

Capacloud's signature product is outdoor vertical garden system where you can grow varieties of outdoor houseplants with drip assisted fertigation technique. The outdoor vertical garden product consists of Module, Joinery, Plants and proprietary Hydroponic Medium. Module is made of Geo Synthetic fabric treated with UV resistant chemicals that prevents decay from exposure to direct sunlight. The fabric is supported by a structural backbone made of metal or fibre reinforced composite. The system comes with drip irrigation module and venturi based fertigation module. 

Smart Vertical Garden

World's first smart vertical garden is developed and commercialised by Capacloud. This product is light years ahead than traditional vertical garden products as the maintenance costs are 80% less. This system works through internet of things technology assisted with smart sensors and deep learning algorithm to monitor and control plant growth.