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Vertical Gardens are naturally aesthetic, refreshing and now with Capacloud’s technology- hassle free, low maintenance and durable. 

 Millennial inhabitants of today’s buildings stay healthier, happier and much more productive when there is ample greenery around them. Hence, Architects are constantly innovating themselves in order to provide green cover around the infrastructure. Our Vertical Gardens are the best tools in your hand to include lush green cover on a building without compromising on the aesthetics, space and budget. Though vertical gardens around the world are naturally beautiful and elegant yet these are marred by the concerns of increasing maintenance cost, durability and overt usage of water and electricity to sustain the beauty over years. The prime focus of our innovation is to help you build breathtakingly beautiful Vertical Gardens while guaranteeing its requirement of low maintenance. This ensures that the product is sustainable for a very long period of time and its upkeep is taken care of by experts at Capacloud through use of cutting edge IoT Technology 

 Capacloud’s Vertical Gardens are empowered by the three pillars of Best in Class Building Materials, Hassle Free Design-to-Installation Solution and, technology enabled maintenance and After Sales Support. 

Best-in class Plants and building materials



  • Extensive Plant Library 
  • Superior Quality Irrigation, Fertigation and Lighting systems
  • Dependable plant monitoring system

End to End Solutions



  • Modular and Flexible Design
  • Best in class material selection
  • Supply and installation at site 
  • Rigorous Pre & Post Installation Quality check

After Sales Support



  • Free 6 months on-site maintenance
  • Lifetime Troubleshooting support 
  • Lower electricity and water bills
  • Constant monitoring of Plants 
  • On-site suppor

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