Capacloud presents World's first Smart Vertical Garden that requires minimal maintenance to cover any vertical surface with living green.

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WHY Capacloud

Maintaining vertical gardens can be expensive and time consuming. They require irrigation and delicate care to ensure proper functioning. However, we at Capacloud, have developed an IoT technology enabled solution that makes vertical gardens self-reliant. Our innovation is aimed at removing the unnecessary hassles of installation and making it user friendly for lifetime. The  gardens come with the Smart Drip irrigation feature that is controlled by a central server and automatically irrigates and maintains the garden as necessary.  Additionally, our geo-synthetic water-proof plant modules allow these gardens to be installed on both plain and curved walls. On top of this, our organic fiber based soilless medium keeps the plants nutrient rich for a long time while keeping the indoors clean.  Therefore, we offer a cost-effective and easy to maintain vertical garden system that improves on the current products in the market. This leaves no excuse to convert an indoor or outdoor wall to a vertical garden in your building!

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Awards & Recognition

Top 30 Technology Companies of India (2015)

India’s Top 100 Start-ups (2016)

Most Promising Start-up from West Bengal (2016)

University of Chicago Urban Labs Challenge (2016)

Special Recognition from US Consulate Kolkata (2017)

India’s Top 40 Start-ups to Work For (2017)

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