About Us

We as human beings yearn for more greenery around us. If there are plants around us, our days go smoother, if even by a little. We at Capacloud have a way to bring the green right inside your homes/offices, on your walls. It is fancy, debonair and completely up to the market, we assure you.

They say walls have ears and are often personified like that, it's often given life. Our Eco tiles literally breathes life into and what is more, with our promised touch of elegance, you're promised to feel one with the ecosystem.

A body needs oxygen. It can't function without it. Some people call oxygen, the life fuel. We'd like to think our product as a living being too, and it needs something to breathe life into it. For this, we have developed the perfect plant growing medium. This medium has ceramic noodles embedded in it.

A body isn't just complete with air. It needs water too! Our "living being" needs its water. For this, our medium provides micro-drip irrigation. This media is contained within the tiles particularly perfected for this purpose. The plant growing medium also has all the micro and macro nutrients that the plant needs to sustain a regulated environment devoid of manual intervention.

Our electronic circuits are smart and polished. They are equipped with almost a veteran gardener's knowledge of how watering works. There are sensors on their surface to detect the ion concentration, moisture levels, and the acidity i.e. the pH content of the media.This knowledge then gets used to accurately modulate the amount of water and the concentration of the parameters that the water must have. It doesn't get easier than this. Our sensors are authorized and are manufactured in a government lab where our scientists have tested its performance under extreme conditions. We have tied up with the national agricultural universities who have helped us in our endeavour.

Apart from all the fancies, EcoTiles is a next generation product. It will change the whole idea of eco-living and eco-lifestyle. It is a user-friendly product which needs low maintenance, easily available and is approved by many leading brands, helping us gain partners in the global business front. There are innumerable patterns and designs that we promise, will flatter your eyes at the very first sight. They do not only add aesthetic value to your lifestyle but are smart enough to have emission control along with the provision of fresh air. It's perfect, the system is alive and natural.

These EcoTiles do not just fill a wall in your room. They do not only beautify your room or office but have a purpose too. The plants that grow on the tiles purifies the air, filling it with oxygen and cleansing it off all the air pollutants. Your room will no more reek of yesterday's cigarette smoke or the shabby smell of city dirt that enters through your windows. Nature will be available in rooms with its full essence.

The product isn't just a tangible commercial commodity. It is an innovative and a unique way to increase the standard of living. The health benefits, not as well as to forget the aesthetic benefits are intangible and an USP in itself. The uses of this product foster vertical landscaping not only in houses but also in corporate offices, shopping malls, lounges etcetera. The air conditioning that is provided by these plants is natural and cuts your electricity cost as well, making it ideal for every individual surroundings.

We at Capacloud also indulge in making your society or commercial area environmentally responsible as we offer a spectrum full of green optimization of your housing area or your commercial area, assuring you a good score in green building certification programmes.