Our Product

A Million Urban Gardens

Capacloud is a technology and product start-up based in Kolkata with research pivot on next generation maintenance free vertical gardens. It is co-promoted by IIM Calcutta and SIDBI Venture (100% owned by Govt. of India). Capacloud, since its inception, won several awards such as :

  1. "Top 30 technology Company in India" by YourStory
  2. "Most Promising Start-up in West Bengal" by Govt. of West Bengal
  3. "Delhi Urban Lab Challenge Winner" by University of Chicago
  4. "India's Top 100 Start-ups" and special recognition by USA Consulate India.

We were covered by top media houses like NDTV, Times of India and MINT (Hindustan Times Group). We have our patented technologies in vertical garden and designed and developed our products in-house with help of Indian research scientists based in USA and Europe.

Our clients include:

  1. Kalaari Capital (India's largest Venture capital Company promoted by Mr. Ratan Tata)
  2. Lemon Tree Hotels (A premium hospitality chain)
  3. Haldiram Group (India's biggest snacks company)
  4. Fox & Mondal (Calcutta's oldest and largest law farm)


We are presently getting big projects from Governments and big private companies. Till date, we obtained more than 50,000 enquiries from around the world. But due to capacity issues, we could not spread beyond Eastern India. Recently, we set up our own manufacturing unit and Vertical garden research centre in Kolkata. We are expanding to top metro cities in India with our own team for installation and after-sales.

EASY installation/uninstallation
INFINITE storage of plant nutrient for years

People understand vertical garden as series of pots or planters kept vertically and most of the companies around the world adopt similar approach. This type of pot/planter based system requires tremendous maintenance because every week or so you have to manure it manually and often the drip irrigation system does not get any feedback from the plant root zone, resulting into over-watering or under-watering. Because of tremendous maintenance costs, vertical garden has not become popular and affordable. Our technology delivers a completely new product that has three (3) clear advantages to end-users:

  1. Our proprietary soil-less medium is made of organic fibres such as jute and pineapple, after that it is treated chemically so that it can retain 80% more water than other vertical garden plant growing media such as soil or coco-peat, thus reducing the water wastage and consumption by 80%.
  2. Our special "Nano Nutrient Tablets" deliver plant nutrients (plant foods) in a controlled release mechanism. Thus there is no manual requirement of fertilising or manuring the plant growing medium. This saves a lot of time, cost and effort of end-users.
  3. Our vertical garden is connected with three sensors that monitor ambient light, moisture content and electrical conductivity (ion concentration of plant nutrients). Accordingly, we developed a controller that switches on/off the supply line or artificial lighting system based on the feedback received from the sensors. Our technical team can monitor the plant growth remotely and thus reduces precious time of the client to monitor plant growth and performance. We can remotely control a vertical garden in Mumbai or Goa sitting back in our office in IIM Calcutta. In sum, over a period of three years' research across three continents, we developed a new generation vertical garden product in India that is low-maintenance (80%~90% less AMC cost) and smart internet of thing based hassle free monitoring and control by individual users. 

Automatic Low Maintenance

  1. Made from non-biodegradable organic fiber felt
  2. Pockets are riveted to a medium lined waterproof layer and mounted on a fiber board
  3. Root wrapped plants are inserted in the pocket
  4. Drip lines water automatically and dependent on humidity sensor feedback. The sensor probes enter the base pockets.
  5. Roots grow into the moist inner layer
  6. The hydroponic medium allows air circulation for roots to breathe.
  7. Front stays dry and drip free.
  8. Extra water drips to planter below.
  9. Plant weighs only 3 kg per pocket.
  10. Made from high quality materials made indigenously.

Modular unit section

Each unit is composed of several pockets with several pockets that house a water inlet and humidity probe which directly gives reading to the sensor. The pockets are lined with the hydroponics medium.

IOT based remote maintenance

The IOT sensor design for the humidity electrodes that will keep in check the moisture level at all times and when below a permissible level will allow automatic release of water through the hidden drip channels. A small, easy to integrate and hide casing that can be applicable for singular, modular garden units as well.

Plant Variety



Edible ( herbs , vegetable )

Our current collection

We offer three type of plants, first is ornamental or house plants that are available in different shades of green. Second category is herbs or vegetables for kitchen garden. Third category is flowering plants such as seasonal or annual. We offer you a list of plants during landscape design stage considering whether the installation is outdoor or indoor, whether it will get direct sunlight or not and depending on location and local climatic conditions.