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We are presently having full time / part time job openings for graduate students and experienced professionals from the fields of Botany, Horticulture Science, Material Science, Electronics, Instrumentation and Product Design. Also we are recruiting freelancers from Humanities background for creating specialised contents. For an interview discussion, please drop your resume at

Forget having to work 9 to 5. Forget people bossing you around. Forget about waiting for the weekend to have fun. Here at CAPACLOUD we offer work which is a lot of fun and rewarding at the same time.

Think APPLE, think IKEA. Great businesses inspire loyal customers, but much before that they inspire the people working to build that great business. The employees. A group of people, big or small, with a clear sense of WHY they are doing what they are doing. And believe us when we tell you, that having a clear sense of the WHY makes working for it a lot more fun. But for employees to help build a great organization and to have a purpose, the culture adopted by a company is crucial. Culture helps shape and give clarity to that purpose.

And the way we did it. At CAPACLOUD we have done away with many old and overly used norms of office culture. STOP here if you don’t believe that work can be fun. Because at CAPACLOUD we believe in thinking and working outside the box. So we want you, the people who think and do things in unconventional ways. The round pegs in the square holes. With a mindset to do things differently the possibilities become limitless.

A focus on our counterculture and the way we choose to treat you, our future employee. If you are wondering, counterculture is anything which is contrary to mainstream culture. Let us cut straight to the chase.
Here,at CAPACLOUD, we wish to create a Clan. Where team spirit and mutual support are given the utmost importance. To adopt such a culture, communication within the team including the CEO should be fluid.Organizing weekly informal meetings to share every high and every low, randomly organized luncheons, brainstorming sessions where viewpoints and ideas are exchanged are some of the ways which help us function as a single unit. And we are always ready to try out new ways.Creating a workplace which inspires, goes a long way in building the team we want. An innovative designed workplace which creates a balance between work and enjoyment and a wide range of perks including surprise team outings, access to fitness studios, elevation zones and last but not the least employee stock options are some of the many perks, which you as a part of our team will enjoy. All week will be a weekend at the office, leaving you wanting more.

A place where everyone is heard and where everyone has a fighting chance. Sounds like a place where you would want to work and grow, doesn't it?Remember when we told you to forget about being bossed around. Well, you can forget it for good. Because at CAPACLOUD, the norm of a hierarchical organization has been abolished. As our employee, you will receive the encouragement and support of the entire team, your ideas shall be heard and perhaps even be implemented.

Now to address the boring system of a 9 to 5 work life. Consider this. I’m sure all of you would agree that a great idea can strike at any time of the day. But will that idea be ignored if you don’t come up with it during your working hours. Absolutely not. So no routine working hours, allowing an unbound and unhindered environment for innovation and growth is how we want it to be for you. If an idea strikes you when at home we are ready to listen, in that instant.

And at the beginning of every single day, remembering that we are all doing this for a greener and healthier planet, involvement in social activities is a priority for us. The establishment of a Corporate Service Corps. is how we wish to fulfill it.

No matter what class, culture or creed you belong to we know that new ideas come from a diverse way of seeing things. And so it does not matter where you are from or even what your sexual orientation is.If you think you have what it takes, and share our ideals, CAPACLOUD is offering a place for all those who dream of a better and greener Earth and are ready to work towards achieving it.